How to Apply

How to apply

We like a letter which explains what you need the money for, and which contains an estimate of the income and expenditure for the project or programme you are planning. In particular, we need to know who will be benefiting from your proposal. You can use our application form if you wish, though this is not a requirement. Either way, we recommend you look at the form to see the kind of information you should be including in your application.

We will generally expect to see income from revenue receipts and other grantmaking or sponsorship sources in the overall financing, which needs to balance. We are prepared to make commitments, or expressions of interest, which could help applicants in their fundraising elsewhere.

How much to apply for

Applicants are strongly advised to contact us before making a formal application.

The Foundation rarely makes grants over £2,000 to unsolicited applications. Awards over this amount are the result of detailed discussions.

When to apply

You can apply at any time. We can usually provide an answer within two months.

Please click the following icon to download an application form

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